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rocking san francisco city hall indian way. how about a big round of applause for all our dancers? all right. [applause] all right. once again let's hear it for your singers, our dancers from everywhere here in the san francisco bay area. [applause] all right. good singing. good dancing. posting the eagle staff at this time. be shout out to larry harrison for taking care of our eagle staff. you maybe seated. calling up to the podium at this time michael lupdtin and vice president of the marketing and branding for this station. >> hi everyone. can you hear me? hello everyone. i am from kqmd and i wanted to welcome you to this eighth annual indian heritage celebration. we are honored to be honoring four heroes from the community who have tirelessly worked throughout the year to provide the kind of service that admissible media is about and engaged community and robust heritage is about. nominated by community leaders they have worked at the grass-roots level and share the highest values we all share. as a public supported media organization we are committed to this and in no
celebrating the american indian and enriches the great history of our city. these events are special to us and gives us the opportunity to recognize the unsung heroes whose work goes unnoticed and it's an opportunity to share with the larger community and i would like to thank the native american organizing community and the health center, the health center of santa clara, our office and i would like to make a special note of one of our employees who has been diligent for serving communities in san francisco and lois figueroa and thank you for the work that you do on behalf of the communities and of course you recognize the american aids project. [applause] to borrow from the president's words and our san francisco and our bay area community moves forward because of you. we move forward because of you, and the honorees and your work that rerecognize tonight and recognizes the triumph that left from depression to the greatest heights of hope. the belief that each of us will pursue our dreams we are a san francisco, a bay area family and we rise or fall together as one nation and one peopl
will applaud you. >> because everybody thinks the government owes them something, some american indians are rich. but others stay poor. feeding off government. >> socialist like you have convinced them to do that, but they would do better without the government. >> if i'm a socialist, what does that make you? >> i thought i was a capit list but i'm a freeloader, too. you helped me pay for myeach house. bon jovi, ted turner, bruise spring screen and ceos are freeloaders too. we'll call them on it. america, nation of freeloaders. >> in cities, you often see ople like this guy. desperate looking people often holding sig like this one. natural to want to help people like this man, or this woman. begging by a road in salt lake city. her sign says she is stranded in need of help. trying to get home. one driver stops. she tells them. >> i'm from seattle, i come down here to live with my boyfriend and he kicked me out. >> you got no then. >> no. just my backpack. >> she tells this report are from kutv, she is 1,000 miles from home. >> it's hard to eat. it's hard to have place to stay. >> but th
american indians, and yet some politicians still tell indians things like this. >> you have been ignored by washington. for as long as native americans. >> ignored? are you kidding me? look at the size around this sioux reservation in south dakota. our government made indian tribes wards of the state. government manages their land, provides their health care, schools, gives them food stamps, paces for housing, child care, burial assistance. the result? >> there is a stunning poverty here. only one in four has a job. >> there is scarcity of phones and n even any banks. indians have the highest poverty rate and lowest live expectancy of any group in the america. so the sio told us they need more handouts. >> the government should be giving the indian people more appropriations so that we can exist out here still. >> i really feel obama administration should get up to the plate and deal with it. >> as far as white people stole ththe indians land hundreds of years ago, the government signed treaties and that's why washington sends billions of dollars to indian tripe tribes every year. everyb
and the american indian alliance. it was created in the 90's to provide voice to the community in santa clara valley and started by laverne robert and provides two annual powwows and numerous fundraisers. gwen has been part of the alliance for about 15 years now. gwen is a elder and retired from the american indian district titles four, seven and nine of the indian education act. she has moved beyond the limits of her duties for the families in her district. she spends time volunteers for all community functions that the alliance puts on. the families that she serves remember her fondly and all that she did for them. she offered her talents to powwows, food booths, graduations and dinners and let's watch a video on gwen stirrer. >> i am [inaudible] known as the keepers of the western door. they're on the western side of new york and they're the biggest of the tribes. i'm the one -- i'm the one that creeks that runs through our reservation now. indian community -- there was nothing in the beginning. for 20 years that i work in the school district helping the children understand that th
rights. now a little known federal law from 1978 called the indian child welfare act allowed him to do so because brown is part cherokee and a member of the cherokee nation, which means little girl veronica is part cherokee, too. the law is designed to keep indian children with indian family members and protect the interests of those children. just this week the u.s. supreme court decided to step in and hear the adoptive parents' appeal. they're joining me on the phone now to talk about the high court's decision. good morning to both of you. what a rollercoaster this has been. you had veronica for a couple of years and then the supreme court there in south carolina where you are decided to have her be handed over to her biological father based on this law. first of all your reaction to the news that the u.s. supreme court is going to hear your case. what did you think when you got that news yesterday? >> it was just unbelievable. we weren't sure what to expect. it was a low chance and we just feel really extremely happy that they decided to hear it. >> matt, did you get any sleep last nig
>> five men accused of gang raping and indian students are due in court. you are watching al jazeera, live from doha. also, finding the reaction to president assad. warnings of more fires in australia. who will be named the world's best footballer? we will find later in the awards. the free syrian army says it will not accept the new peace plan. assad laid out some resolutions for ending the conflict in her first -- in the first speech since june of last year. he has been condemned at home and abroad. >> with an audience of cheering supporters, syria's president gave his first speech since june of last year. >> they are terrorists who follow all kind of philosophy. they call themselves jihadists. -- who follow al qaeda philosophy. >> it excludes those he says are betraying syria. >> there is a group of extremists who understand no language other than terrorism. >> this group watched the speech with scorn. >> we hope this is his last speech, and we think it is a waste of time. >> he is trying to be little the revolution. we think this is the people's revolution. >> they were f
>> hello and welcome to dwi's journal. here is what is coming up. companion to a young indian woman died after rape, speaks out publicly for the first time. wildfires on the australian island of tasmania. and the third leg of the baliles buttu armenta -- a tournament. we will begin in india where more details have emerged in the gang rape and murder of a student in mid december. on friday, a friend of the woman is speaking out for the first time in a televised interview. he denounced what he called police incompetence prepared he said mr. nawaz left in the street and " and pleading for almost an hour she was beaten by her attackers. the 23-year-old student died later, sparking protests. >> this is the court house were the defense will be tried. they are charged with rape and murder and could face the death penalty. a sixth suspect is likely to be tried in a juvenile court. many indians want a harsh sentence for the men. but demonstrators are also angry with the authorities, would they say do not take rape seriously enough. this man has made serious accusations against the police, th
really don't think that can be taken lightly. for urban american indians we have powwow which are intertribal events that revolve around a shared repertoire of songs and dances like some of the singing you have heard me do here today. it's a time for people to be able to come together, not for the casinos, not for that part. talk about fighting stereotypes, that's a stereotype for us. yes, we have casinos, but that all of our culture? no. it's not all we are here to be defined by. for most people, especially in urban areas, powwows are places to go to reconnect. powwows are places you go to see people you haven't seen in a long time and to make new friends, new connections, nothing different than what's going on here, nothing difrplt than what was going on at the old festival at ft. mason. with that, i wanted to play also for you a little bit of cedar flute. if you've heard cedar flute you've heard youngblood and cedar flute has become emblematic of american indian in the singular, american indian culture. i wanted to play it for you to give you an example of what might be con
in which two indian soldiers died. accused pakistan of violating the cease-fire. >> the indian army paying tribute to the two soldiers killed on duty in kashmir. the territory is divided by what is called a line of control. india says pakistani soldiers took advantage of bad weather and low visibility to launch an attack on the indian side of that border. it has caused a diplomatic crisis and raised concerns over relations between the two countries. >> it is very important that we make sure that what ever happened should not be escalated. we cannot and must not allow the unfortunate events that have taken place. >> the pakistani ambassador to india was summoned to the interior ministry in very strong terms. the pakistani army has released a statement in response to demands for an investigation. indian authorities were informed that pakistan has carried out -- and checked and found out that nothing is being alleged by india. in the capital of pakistan in kashmir, the incident has had little impact on daily life. people are aware of the diplomatic dispute that is brewing. >> we condemn this
shots> ♪the other is tonto, the lone ranger's indian companion ♪ ♪ ♪kimosabe, look out. i'll get you now, ranger.♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ him dead, kimosabe. make me glad. him deserve to die. no, tonto. no one should have his life end like this. better him dead. like white say, better tag the providence, now no one know you still live. yes, that is true. a strange act of providence has protected my secret. me dig grave for him. alright. i'll get scout ready for traveling. ♪ come, fella. ♪ all done, tonto? me ready. ready to go after rest of cavendish gang, now? yes, as soon as we can. but i have got to get a mount of some sort. we'll head off toward wild horse valley. here take, scout. for two days the lone ranger and tonto, traveled toward the remote valley of wild horses. where a particularly sturdy breed of horses lives. unknown and unmollested by the hunters of the west. later, the entrance of this valley the ranger and tonto hear the sounds of a furious horse. beyond the rocks and small glenn. they capture glimpse of a huge buffalo about to go at the life of a fallen hors
to understand a little bit better about the indian part of this triangle. we care more about pakistan, what is going on in the arm. my understanding is that the indians are very active, and it is a triangular relationship between pakistan, india, and afghanistan. >> if you would like, ambassador? >> india has been an important friend of afghanistan, a historic friend and ally. they are not only involved in enhancing the reconstruction in afghanistan -- they are providing scholarships for more than 1000 afghans every year into different indian universities, which is key to building human capital in afghanistan. their work actually -- in the past few years, there was some hesitation on the part of the united states, because of the hesitancy that exists in pakistan about india's role in afghanistan, not to get india involved in the training of our security forces and other issues. this is diminishing more and more, i think. there is more realism indicating that, at the end of the day, india and china are both in pakistan and have a role to play in afghanistan. there will be a partnership with
not resolve the standoff. >>> indian prime minister manmohan singh said relations with pakistan are no longer business as usual. he's criticizing pakistanis for what he called a barbaric act in the disputed region of kashmir. the indian and pakistani militaries fought three times last week along the line that divides them. soldiers on both sides were killed. indian government officials have asked their pakistani counterparts to investigate the deaths of two indian soldiers whose bodies were mutilated. the pakistanis have dismissed the allegations as propaganda. india and pakistan have fought two wars over kashmir. diplomats started talking again two years ago to improve ties. but indians have been demanding that their leaders take a hard-line stance since the fighting resumed. >>> transport safety is a constant issue in egypt. a military train derailed just south of cairo early otuesday. at least 19 people were killed and over 100 injured. the train was traveling from central egypt to cairo carrying 1,300 soldiers. the last two cars detached and derailed. one of the soldiers said there were p
and a unilateral amendments to the indian act. you had an imminent threat, something we could have put off for negotiations for 25 years. it was rushed through the house without consultation. we have no choice but together quickly and react. >> let's look at some of the grievances that have been put out there by the movement. first nations grouped -- first nations groups say it's a bid by harper government to change laws protecting the rights of canada's indigenous people. the changes affect all canadians. not just first nations. c45 amends laws that govern the waterways and our mental protections. the canadian government says it's necessary to clear up red tape and protect the economy. but first nations protesters say their lands and sovereignty rights are being eroded. is it your never consulted when the bill was under consideration and that's a violation of canadian law. they also point out that the harbor government has repeatedly supported limits on first nations authority despite promising not to approve any changes to the indian act. how does this infringe on land rights that had be
in the kashmir region. they say they were killed by troops who crossed over into indian territory. francois hollande has denied the accusations. >> according to the indian army, the group of soldiers took good vantage to cross what is called the line of control that separates india and pakistan in parts of kashmir. >> while the patrol was out, they came across pakistani troops, which come into indian territory, and they probably made use of bad weather conditions. while the pakistani troops were challenged and firefight ensued between the parties. >> two indian soldiers died, and one was mutilated. pakistan has released this statement. pakistan military officials denied accusations of unprovoked fighting. the latest incident is being seen as one of the most serious breaches of the ceasefire between the countries. >> the potential for escalation is considerable, and i hope the facts of the case are established at the very earliest, because in the of zandt the pakistani military had been taking the support of this, in many ways, this would be setting the population's back in a very irreparabl
a pervasive and tolerated violence against women. >> young indians are now outraged and taking a stand by color -- by challenging cultural conditions that allow abuse of women without accountability. >> she is determined to make her voice heard. together with her fellow students, she is calling for an end to rape and discrimination against women. they say they will continue to defend themselves, whatever it takes. young people in india are angry, and not just in the capital of delhi. the rapes have sparked a wave of protests across the country. this is a ph.d. student. she and her friends were among the first to take to the streets. they now hold regular demonstrations. >> we want freedom, freedom from oppressive families, fathers, brothers. [chanting in foreign language] >> they chang "long -- chant "long live the struggle." "down with the hatred of women." the students are protesting against what they say is a failure of the police, politics, and the justice system. >> we want to tell this government that we will can -- that we can wear what we like. instead of telling us how not to
anywhere pakistan earlier and she is saying that indian troops crossed into pakistani territory. >> as far as the pakistani military is concerned, they have reacted in the sense that they have obviously made this public. apparently according to a pakistani military official, the two countries have hot lines set up between them, that includes the military as well as the diplomatic officers and those conversations are expected to happen in the coming days. >>> the indian defense ministry says pakistani troops opened fire first on indian posts in the indian-controlled part of kashmir. >>> we know more now about the standoff yesterday at a home in aurora, colorado. two women and two men, including the alleged gunman died in the incident. police say a woman who escaped from the house told them she had seen three bodies inside. authorities also tried to subdue the suspect with tear gas. ultimately he died in a shoot-out with police, aurora is where james holmes is said to have opened fire last summer in a movie theater, killing 12 people. and holmes is due in court tomorrow for a hearing to dete
says one of its soldiers has been killed in a skirmish with indian troops in cash mick, the fourth exchange of fire in the disputeded region already this year. simmering tensions threaten to derail efforts to improve cross-border ties. the pakistani military says indian troops started the firefight on tuesday night. the indian side admits there was an exchange of fire but claims pakistani troops shot first. the nuclear-armed neighbors resumed talks in 2011 to try to improve their relationship. the delicate subject of kashmir was a topic of discussion. india and pakistani troops scuffled three times just last week in kashmir with both sides reporting fatalities. indian prime minister manmohan singh on tuesday criticized pakistan. he said the relationship could no longer be considered business as usual. >>> pakistan also faces mounting trouble at home at home. a massive anti-government demonstration in the capital entered its third day on thursday. the protest expressed -- faced another setback on tuesday went supreme court ordered the arrest of prime minister roger per vase ashraf.
in northern pakistan. tension over the indian flag continues in northern ireland as streets prepare for more protests. and as orthodox christians celebrate christmas, we speak to the egyptian pope. the international community has been quick to condemn syrian president bashar al assad's plan for peace in war-torn countries. the first speech called "beyond hypocritical." addressing supporters, described the opposition as terrorists and slaves of foreign power. he went on to support the national dialogue to end the 21-no conflict. assad these talks could create a national charter on syria's future, which he put to a referendum. while the opposition dismissed the proposals saying they're aimed at wrecking current diplomatic efforts. we frort amman's neighboring jordan. in an opera house in central damascus, packed with cheering supporters, the syrian president gave his first speech since june last year. he did not reveal any breakthrough to end the conflict but said every syrian had an ethical duty to fight rebels he linked with al qaeda. >> they are terrorists who follow al qaeda's philosophy.
are adopted by indian families. in a statement today, veronica's adoptive parents said we're so incredibly grateful to the justices for agreeing to hear our case. it's been an extremely difficult year, but we now have a renewed sense of faith in our legal system. the court had denied their appeal. their legal options would have been pretty much exhausted. paul is part of their legal team, and we spoke earlier. paul, first off, a big day, obviously, for you and the family as well. i want to get your reaction to this news. are you surprised by it? i know you hoped for it, but did you expect the supreme court would take this on? >> we were hopeful that the supreme court would take the case, but you have to understand when you're asking the supreme court to take a case, the odds are literally 1 in 1,000 they'll take a case. so we were confident throughout, but we were, i have to say, pleasantly surprised that the court took the case. >> when you look at the indian child welfare act which has been on the books for a long time, what was the intent? what was it intended to protect or do? >> well,
about 50 of the planes to eight airlines. >>> the indian military says two soldiers have been killed and one injured in a gunfight in the disputed territory of kashmir between india and pakistan. an indian army spokesperson says the shooting started when indian soldiers on patrol spotted pakistani troops on the indian side of the line of control. pakistani military officials deny the indian allegation that the firing was unprovoked. a gunfight also occurred in kashmir on sunday. one pakistani soldier died, and another was injured. india and pakistan have gone to war three times since their independence in 1947. analysts say the latest incidents may have a negative impact on the comprehensive talks for better relations that resumed in 2011. >>> students at a university in north korea got a surprise visitor. google chairman eric schmidt. they showed him how they look for information online, by googling it. schmidt visited kim il sung university in pyongyang on tuesday. he traveled to north korea with former new mexico governor bill richardson and seven others. they spoke with students
, facing charges of murder and rape. with indians calling for reform in a society that often tolerates violence against women. recently i spoke with k.p p p. yohan yohanon. we spoke about the plight of women in india, and how the message of jesus christ is giving them hope. dr. yohanon, you say this case highlights the long time abuse of women in india. describe some of the abuses they endure. >> rape and abuse for women and to young girls, forever being kind of a normal thing that is going on, and to never get punished -- every year some 26,000 dallets, women, and young girls are raped and abused. and yet less than 1% of these people are prosecuted. >> wendy: let me ask you this, doctor, why are women valued less than men in the indian society? >> unlike the united states or countries, where the judeo christian faith is where women are given value and significance. in many of these nations, it is not like that. >> wendy: how is it in the church in india? as people accept christ, do you find their attitudes and treatment of women are changing? >> absolutely. i can tell you community af
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 629 (some duplicates have been removed)

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